New Caledonia Hospital installs Fibre-to-the-Office Solution

New FTTO architecture using Nexans FTTO switches to connect ultra modern facility

The Territorial Hospital Centre (CHT) of New Caledonia has just awarded to Cegelec Nouvelle-Calédonie a contract for the supply and the installation of Nexans FTTO -Switches for the new IT architecture of the future Médipôle de Koutio, an ultra-modern healthcare establishment.

Médipôle de Koutio will group together multiple operations in one 90 000 m2 site which includes the main hospital premises of the CHT, the premises of the Institute Pasteur of New Caledonia Cancer research, a logistics centre, and the Clinic for Follow-up treatments and Rehabilitation. It will offer 645 beds and 12 surgical units.

The concept must guarantee that the IT structure can support the future needs and demands of an healthcare complex and this was one of the reasons that an FTTO network architecture was selected. Based on Nexans "GigaSwitch V3" FTTO-Switches,  Cegelec Nouvelle-Calédonie was able to convince the CHT of the quality and the competitiveness of its offer.