HV cables bridge gap during repairs

Field installation cable is more than just a product; it’s a service designed to protect our customer’s precious network assets

HV cables bridge gap during repairs


HV cables bridge gap during repairs


HV cables bridge gap during repairs


HV cables bridge gap during repairs


Holding the power line

To provide temporary links during upgrades or maintenance operations on overhead power lines, transformers and substations, Nexans has developed high-voltage field-installation (replacement) cables which can be either purchased outright or rented.


Cutting losses

For Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution System Operators (DSOs) interruptions to the power supply during repair or upgrades are extremely expensive. For days or even weeks, parallel HV connections (up to several hundred meters long) are needed to span broken circuits and guarantee service continuity for customers.


High adaptability, low risk

These short XLPE insulated cables offer low weight, outdoor ruggedness, easy handling and transport, pretested pre-mounted fluid-free accessories with a high safety level (no risk of fire or explosions).


Optimized cable design

We first observed how our customers actually undertook network upgrades, and were sensitive to concerns about speed, expensive downtime, convenience and safety. We then looked for an optimized cable design, with reduced diameter, small bending radii, increased strength, dry-type silicone outdoor sealing ends, and handy and maneuverable three-chamber drums. Fortunately, we had in our portfolio a recently-qualified, smaller and very tough HV XLPE cable used to replace old mass-impregnated, gas-pressure cables installed in pipes.


Product plus service

We immediately included this product in the new Network Services marketing activities and offered the modified design to major customers, like RWE (Germany). We also developed a full After-Use Service with damage check, repair and retesting to see that all cables meet initial test levels; and we are developing new field installation cables for even higher voltage levels.

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