Low and Medium Voltage power and control cables

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Low Voltage Power cables
Kable przemysłowe/Ropa&Gaz - kable dedykowane petrochemii

Low voltage power and control cables are used for electricity supply in low voltage installation system. Armoured cables are well adapted to underground use in industrial applications.

Both versions with lead cover or Hypron® barrier bring an enhanced resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons.

Medium Voltage power cables
Kable przemysłowe/Ropa&Gaz - kable dedykowane petrochemii

Medium-voltage distribution systems begin at substations and supply electricity to a wide spectrum of power consumers. When selecting a cable, the basic aim is to safely provide adequate electrical power, with continuous and trouble-free operation as the failure of a major power cable is likely to have a considerable effect on the power transmission grid.

Each installation has particular requirements that must be considered. There are distinct benefits from specifying a copper or aluminium conductor cable that has been manufactured under rigid specification and quality control procedures. It will provide maximum performance with minimum maintenance.

These medium voltage cables are manufactured according to IEC 60502-2 standard (others standards can be selected on request). This IEC standard specifies the constructions, dimensions, test requirements and current ratings of power cables for rated voltage (U) from 6 kV up to and including 30 kV.