Fossil fuel power plants

A fossil fuel power plant generates electricity by burning coal, oil or natural gas which heats water in a boiler to produce steam. Under high pressure, the steam flows into a turbine, and the turbine spins a generator to produce electricity.

Nexans propose a large range of cables and accessories able to meet the specific needs of the fossil power plants, offering optimum safety and security to insure protection of workers, infrastructure and environment.
These cables are adapted to installation in harsh environment. Cables are key elements in this infrastructure. Because they are non-stop operations, cable safety, reliability and efficiency are vital to his success.
Discover our complete range of cables and accessories :
  • Low and Medium Voltage power and control cables
  • Thermocouple cables : for a wide variety of temperature sensors
  • Instrumentation cables : for measurement and process control
  • Communication cables : both copper and optical fiber